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Currently this site is being run on a raspberry pi, and which is being colocated in Austria by the good folks at edis. Because of this, I wanted to cut down on the amount of dynamic content generation, to save on cpu, as the raspberry pi is not really a high powered machine. This site is statically generated using a cool static site generator written in ruby called nanoc. I don’t really use ruby much, but nanoc is very featureful, and I know enough ruby to get by in it. In keeping with the site being static, comments are powered by Disqus, a distributed cloud commenting service. However, note that you do not have to log in to Disqus, as anonymous comments are enabled, and fully endorsed. It is well worth dealing with spam to have comments with at least this modicum of anonymity. On a similar note, https is enforced on this site, so all your communications will be encrypted.

The fonts being used are Fira Sans and Fira Sans Mono.

As a proponent of libre culture, it would only be fitting that I release my own works under a free license. The text of most pages is licensed under a creative commons 3.0 attribution share-alike license. It might be important to note that you are allowed to make commercial use of this work, and your own derived works of it. I left out the No Commercial clause because I felt it was unnecessary with the inclusion of the Share Alike clause. Sure you can sell it, but you also are required to offer it under the same license, which includes the freedom to copy, distribute and transmit the work. Other creative works, such as art and music are also released under the same license. However, if you wish to use the work under a different license for your project, contact me via email about your project, and we can work out terms for a separate licensing agreement.

My software is also released under libre licenses. In most cases I would use a GPL or LGPL license, but always double check the particular piece of software’s license, as that would be more authoritative than this page.

Advertisements Policy

There will be no advertisements on this page. As a static only site, there is not really a lot of processing power involved to render it, and so operations costs are not really that high. Currently edis is hosting this on my colocated raspberry pi gratis, but even if this situation were to change in the future, hosting a pure static html+js site doesn’t really cost that much. Advertisements are a negative experience for users, they distract from the content of the page, and most advertising companies try all sorts of nasty things to track you and gather data about you. This site is my representation on the web, and I do not care to associate myself with advertisements.

Javascript Policy

I have worked to make sure that this site’s content will be fully readable for those security, or privacy conscious individuals who browse with noscript enabled. However, being a static site means you lose all your dynamic power on the server side, so some such things must be run on the client side. All the global scripts and justification for them are listed below.

Google Analytics

I want to be very upfront and honest about the fact that I am using Google Analytics on this site. I find the information and statistics on demographics, pageviews, etc of the readers of my site very interesting, and too tantalizing to just give up. If you are uncomfortable with sharing this information with me (and with Google too, obviously), then I would highly recommend you install NoScript, or an equivalent javascript blocking program tailored to your browser. I won’t blame you if you block it, I usually block it myself. If you have never heard of Google Analytics and are feeling a bit spooked, keep in mind that most other sites have Google Analytics installed, and do not even tell their users about it!


MathJAX allows me to embed math equations in the pages and have them actually look decent. Rather than ugly looking ascii style math x*2=5, or embedded images that don’t look good on scaling, MathJAX renders beautifully typeset mathematical expressions. I would highly suggest you enable at least this script, so that you can actually read the math, unless you happen to be fluent in \(\TeX\).


Putting comments in the Disqus cloud allows me to provide users a comment interface they are already familiar with and reduces the burden on my own site. Currently this is a static site, and adding custom comments would require server side scripting, which would increase the load on the system. Anonymous comments are enabled, and encouraged, but if you want to make a comment but don’t want to use Disqus feel free to send your comment to me via email, and I’ll find a way to make it work. Of course I’m not saying I will publish all mails sent to me, just the ones I have consent for.

Disqus comments are enabled on the articles and shortlinks sections. For projects usually there will be an alternate form of commenting (like a github page, or bug tracker). If not you can just send me an email.


Articles are longer form entries, with more time and thought put into them. They are geared around a specific topic, rather than by date, and are published less frequently. There is a dedicated rss feed you can import to your rss reader to be notified of the latest articles.


The projects section is used for ongoing and finished software, hardware, audio/visual, etc projects of mine. Some projects may be structured differently, but in general each has an introduction page, a news page, and downloads page (if applicable).


The best way to get in touch with me is via email. Drop me a line at [email protected]

Copyright © 2013 - 2016 Nate Craun. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.